Our Team

An Cosán offers a range of courses to support people from nought to ninety years to develop their capacities and experience a sense of empowerment in their lives and community. Meet the team that have welcomed tens of thousands of students to An Cosán since it opened its doors in Jobstown in 1999. Our team can now help you find An Cosán courses delivered in communities across Ireland.

Heydi Foster Chief Executive Officer ceo@ancosan.ie
Anne Genockey Deputy Chief Executive Officer anne.genockey@ancosan.ie
Adelaide Nic Chárthaigh Adult Community Education Manager a.niccharthaigh@ancosan.ie
Carole Byrne Finance Manager c.byrne@ancosan.ie
Karen Smith Operations Manager k.smith@ancosan.ie
Yasmin Kutub Higher Education Lead y.kutub@ancosan.ie
Debra Crawley Community Education Lead (Access & Further Education) d.crawley@ancosan.ie
Yomi Ogunsanya Higher Education Community Educator Y.Ogunsanya@ancosan.ie
Sonya Doherty Access Education Tutor s.doherty@ancosan.ie
Alanna Wade Employer Outreach Officer a.wade@ancosan.ie
Jane Harrison Executive Administrator j.harrison@ancosan.ie
Imelda Hanratty Outreach Co-Ordinator i.hanratty@ancosan.ie
Columba Kelly Administrator/Quality Assurance Lead c.kelly@ancosan.ie
Emma Fox Higher Education Community Educator E.Fox@ancosan.ie
Laura O’Brien Learning Support Coordinator l.obrien@ancosan.ie
Foluke Oladosu Higher Education Administrator f.oladosu@ancosan.ie
Lily Ward Senior Administrator / Health & Safety Officer l.ward@ancosan.ie
Liz Whelan Counselling Co-Ordinator l.whelan@ancosan.ie
Judy Davis

Leslie-Anne Webster

Stephen Wade

Kathryn Webb

Tomás Maher

Liz Fitzgerald

Evelyn McKeown

Natalie Les




Further Education Tutor

Further Education Tutor

Further & Access Education Tutor

Further & Access Education Tutor

Access Education Tutor

Access Education Tutor

Further Education Tutor

Further Education Tutor













Mark Kelly Digital Inclusion Coordinator m.kelly@ancosan.ie
Dragana Soro Education Technologist d.soro@ancosan.ie
Ashling Johnston Digital Skills Tutor a.johnston@ancosan.ie
Avril Hannifin Digital, Learning and Development Officer a.hannifin@ancosan.ie
Brendan McGuigan Assistive Technology Officer b.mcguigan@ancosan.ie
Darragh Crawley-Doyle IT Support Officer d.crawleydoyle@ancosan.ie
Lorraine Quinn Manager l.quinn@ancosan.ie
Marie Murray Senior Early Years Educator m.murray@ancosan.ie
Shauna Sweeney Early Years Educator s.sweeney@ancosan.ie
Ashton Burke Doyle Early Years Educator A.Burke@ancosan.ie
Anne Valentine Early Years Educator A.Valentine@ancosan.ie
David Jordan Early Years Educator d.jordan@ancosan.ie
Tracy Hart Early Years Educator T.Hart@ancosan.ie
Catherine Kearney Early Years Educator c.kearney@ancosan.ie
Joanne Kenny Senior Early Years Educator J.Kenny@ancosan.ie
Elaine Mahony Housekeeper e.mahony@ancosan.ie
Orla Cowan Early Years Educator O.Cowan@ancosan.ie
Tanya Shields Early Years Educator t.shields@ancosan.ie
Grace O’Brien Early Years Educator g.obrien@ancosan.ie
Stacey Dowling Early Years Educator s.dowling@ancosan.ie
Carolann Gahan Early Years Educator c.gahan@ancosan.ie
Jayne Sherlock

Bernie Coleman

Sophie Callaghan

Roseanna Byrne

Parent-Carer Facilitator

Coordinator Lifestart Programme

Lifestart Home Visitor

Kitchen Assistant





Carol Fahey Manager c.faheyclancy@ancosan.ie
Nicole Stapff Early Years Educator N.Stapff@ancosan.ie
Patricia Spratt Early Years Educator p.spratt@ancosan.ie
Lisa Boyle Early Years Educator l.boyle@ancosan.ie
Elaine Graydon Manager e.graydon@ancosan.ie
Wendy Reilly Early Years Educator w.reilly@ancosan.ie
Denise Loughnane Parent Support Coordinator d.loughnane@ancosan.ie
Laura Buggy AIM L.Buggy@ancosan.ie
Geraldine Cray Early Years Manager G.Cray@ancosan.ie
Silvia Candela Early Years Educator S.Candela@ancosan.ie
Aoife O’Brien Early Years Educator A.OBrien@ancosan.ie
Pedro Joaquín Ballesta López Early Years Educator P.Lopez@ancosan.ie
Vanessa Ruiz Sanchez Early Years Educator v.ruizsanchez@ancosan.ie
Elizabeth Kelly Early Years Educator E.Kelly@ancosan.ie
Paula Gonzalez Leon Early Years Educator P.GonzalezLeon@ancosan.ie
Sarah Guthrie AIM S.Guthrie@ancosan.ie
Helen Djenih Manager H.Djenih@ancosan.ie
Lorraine Crowley Early Years Educator l.crowley@ancosan.ie
Jennifer Shaw Early Years Educator j.shaw@ancosan.ie
Kasia Samborska Early Years Educator K.Samborska@ancosan.ie
Pamela Healy Manager P.Healy@ancosan.ie
Ebi Okoeguale Early Years Educator E.Okoeguale@ancosan.ie
Mariana Gilca Manager m.gilca@ancosan.ie
Virginia Fiorini Early Years Educator v.fiorini@ancosan.ie
Amy McCarton Early Years Educator a.mccarton@ancosan.ie
Anne O’Toole Accountant a.otoole@ancosan.ie
Tracy Buckley Finance Officer t.buckley@ancosan.ie
Ian Nunis Trainee Finance Officer – Creditors i.nunis@ancosan.ie
Tricia Nugent Finance Officer – Payroll, HR t.nugent@ancosan.ie
Robert Halpin Accountant r.halpin@ancosan.ie
Sorcha O’Neill Development Lead s.oneill@ancosan.ie
Fiona Murdoch Communications and Information Officer f.murdoch@ancosan.ie
Marcella Gregg Receptionist reception@ancosan.ie
Raymond McDonald Caretaker and Maintenance r.mcdonald@ancosan.ie
Johanna Donohue Cleaner j.donohue@ancosan.ie
Mel O’Neill Hospitality Assistant m.oneill@ancosan.ie
Wendy Tinkler Hospitality Assistant w.tinkler@ancosan.ie
Ingrid Shannon CE Supervisor i.shannon@ancosan.ie
Tetiana Voitovych
CE Trainee t.voitovych@ancosan.ie
Janet Doyle CE Trainee j.doyle@ancosan.ie
Orla Dempsey CE Trainee o.dempsey@ancosan.ie
Dillon McGuinness CE Trainee d.mcguinness@ancosan.ie
Anne Tifest CE Trainee a.tifest@ancosan.ie
Kseniia Nieriezova CE Trainee k.nieriezova@ancosan.ie
Noel Keenan CE Trainee n.keenan@ancosan.ie
Richella Donohue CE Trainee r.donohue@ancosan.ie
Tracey Hickey CE Trainee t.hickey@ancosan.ie
Kimberley Cummins CE Trainee k.cummins@ancosan.ie
Stephen Doyle CE Trainee s.doyle@ancosan.ie
Jade Mooney CE Trainee j.mooney@ancosan.ie
Seán Kavanagh CE Trainee s.kavanagh@ancosan.ie
Lisa Keating CE Trainee l.keating@ancosan.ie
Monika Malgorzata Kubicka CE Trainee m.kubicka@ancosan.ie
Nagham Saffo CE Trainee N.Saffo@ancosan.ie