Our Team

An Cosán offers a range of courses to support people from nought to ninety years to develop their capacities and experience a sense of empowerment in their lives and community. Meet the team that have welcomed tens of thousands of students to An Cosán since it opened its doors in Jobstown in 1999. Our team can now help you find An Cosán courses delivered in communities across Ireland.

Heydi Foster Chief Executive Officer ceo@ancosan.ie
Anne Genockey Deputy Chief Executive Officer anne.genockey@ancosan.ie
Bronagh Moore Corporate Services Manager b.moore@ancosan.ie
Deirdre Bannon Community Educator d.bannon@ancosan.ie
Rebekah Brennan Tutor r.brennan@AnCosan.ie
Siobhan Cooney Further Education Co-ordinator s.cooney@ancosan.ie
Sonia Doherty ICT Training Support/Ed Facilitator s.doherty@ancosan.ie
Maria Flanagan Community Partner Lead m.flanagan@ancosan.ie
Phil Hall Access and Community Lead p.hall@ancosan.ie
Imelda Hanratty Outreach Co-Ordinator i.hanratty@ancosan.ie
Columba Kelly Administrator/Quality Assurance Lead c.kelly@ancosan.ie
Mark Kelly Skills to Succeed Project Manager m.kelly@ancosan.ie
Yasmin Kutub Tutor y.kutub@AnCosan.ie
Bess McBride Co-Ordinator YWEP b.mcbride@AnCosan.ie
Finola McCarthy Community Educator for Higher Education f.mccarthy@ancosan.ie
Thomas Murray Pedagogy & HE lead t.murray@ancosan.ie
Foluke Oladosu Higher Education Administrator f.oladosu@ancosan.ie
Dragana Soro Education Technologist d.soro@ancosan.ie
Lily Ward Senior Administrator / Health & Safety Officer l.ward@ancosan.ie
Liz Whelan Counselling Co-Ordinator l.whelan@ancosan.ie
Lorraine Quinn Manager l.quinn@ancosan.ie
Ashton Burke Doyle Early Years Educator A.Burke@ancosan.ie
Roseanna Byrne Support Housekeeping R.Byrne@ancosan.ie
Sophie Callaghan Early Years Educator S.Callaghan@ancosan.ie
Natasha Daly Early Years Educator N.Daly@ancosan.ie
Paula Darcy Early Years Educator P.Darcy@ancosan.ie
Emma Greene Early Years Educator E.Greene@ancosan.ie
Tracy Hart Early Years Educator T.Hart@ancosan.ie
Sally Hartnett Early Years Educator S.Hartnett@ancosan.ie
Lisa Hennessy Early Years Educator l.hennessy@ancosan.ie
Joanne Kenny Early Years Educator J.Kenny@ancosan.ie
Elaine Mahony House-keeper E.Mahony@ancosan.ie
Marie Murray Senior Early Years Educator m.murray@ancosan.ie
Michelle O Toole Early Years Educator M.Otoole@ancosan.ie
Gillian Sheehan Early Years Educator G.Sheehan@ancosan.ie
Anne Valentine Early Years Educator A.Valentine@ancosan.ie
Karen Weafer Highscope Trainer k.weafer@ancosan.ie
Bernie Coleman Co-ordinator Lifestart Programme b.coleman@ancosan.ie
Carol Fahey Manager C.Carol@ancosan.ie
Nicole Stapff Early Years Educator N.Stapff@ancosan.ie
Danielle Brazel Project Leader – All sites d.Brazel-Halpin@ancosan.ie
Lisa Boyle Early Years Educator l.boyle@ancosan.ie
Soheila Khandanian Early Years Educator S.Khandanian@ancosan.ie
Alba Fernandez Early Years Educator a.silvanfernandez@ancosan.ie
Tara Smullen Manager t.smullen@ancosan.ie
Tracy Finn Early Years Educator t.finn@ancosan.ie
Elisabet Garcia PSC e.garcia@ancosan.ie
Janice White Early Years Educator j.white@ancosan.ie
Agnes Piti Manager a.piti@ancosan.ie
Deborah Brown Early Years Educator d.brown@ancosan.ie
Silvia Candela Early Years Educator S.Candela@ancosan.ie
Louise Connolly Early Years Educator L.Connolly@ancosan.ie 
Geraldine Cray Early Years Educator G.Cray@ancosan.ie
Jessica Finlay Senior Early Years Educator J.Finlay@ancosan.ie
Elizabeth Kelly Early Years Educator E.Kelly@ancosan.ie
Denise O’Neill Early Years Educator D.Oneill@ancosan.ie
Maria Rodiguez Early Years Educator M.Rodiguez@ancosan.ie
Daniel Lopez Garcia Early Years Educator D.Lopez@ancosan.ie
Ania Kubiak Manager A.Kubiak@ancosan.ie
Lorraine Crowley Early Years Educator l.crowley@ancosan.ie
Helen Djenih Early Years Educator H.Djenih@ancosan.ie
Noeleen Kelly Early Years Educator N.Kelly@ancosan.ie
Lorna McDonagh Early Years Educator L.Mcdonagh@ancosan.ie
Kasia Samborska Early Years Educator K.Samborska@ancosan.ie
Jennifer Shaw Early Years Educator j.shaw@ancosan.ie
Pamela Healy Manager P.Healy@ancosan.ie
Adesina Titilayo Early Years Educator t.adesina@ancosan.ie
Carol Lawrence Early Years Educator
Sonia Garcia Aim Worker
Mariana Gilca Manager m.gilca@ancosan.ie
Virginia Fiorini Early Years Educator
Margaret Melissa Reilly Aim Worker m.reilly@ancosan.ie 
Jamie O’Hora Aim Worker
Adrienne Molloy Senior Finance Officer a.molloy@ancosan.ie
Tracy Buckley Finance Administrator – Debtors t.buckley@ancosan.ie
Carole Byrne Management Accountant Adult Education c.byrne@ancosan.ie
Ian Nunis Trainee Finance Officer – Creditors i.nunis@ancosan.ie
Tricia Nugent Finance Administrator – Payroll, HR t.nugent@ancosan.ie
Andrea Flanagan Finance Support a.flanagan@ancosan.ie
Michael Hanly Grants and Development Officer m.hanly@ancosan.ie
Megan Woods Communications & Information Officer m.woods@ancosan.ie
Avril Hannifin ICT Support a.hannifin@AnCosan.ie
Sharon Bermingham Receptionist/Hospitality Co-ordinator s.bermingham@ancosan.ie
Johanna Donohue Cleaner j.donohue@ancosan.ie
Terry McManus Counsellor t.mcmanus@ancosan.ie
Val Neville Relief Receptionist & Relief Hospitality v.neville@ancosan.ie
Dorothy O’Hagan Hospitality Assistant d.ohagan@ancosan.ie
Mel O’Neill Hospitality Assistant
Wendy Tinkler Hospitality Assistant w.tinkler@ancosan.ie
Deirdre Leniston CE Co-ordinator d.leniston@ancosan.ie
Ericia Brennan CE Scheme e.brennan@ancosan.ie
Natasha Burke CE Scheme n.burke@ancosan.ie
David Byrne CE Scheme d.byrne@ancosan.ie
Suzanne Carey CE Scheme s.carey@ancosan.ie
Ashling Chaney CE Scheme a.chaney@ancosan.ie
Catherine Cross CE Scheme c.cross@ancosan.ie
Georgina Gaffney CE Scheme g.gaffney@ancosan.ie
Sinead Grogan CE Scheme s.grogan@ancosan.ie
Lisa Hanna CE Scheme l.hanna@AnCosan.ie
Barry Horan CE Scheme b.horan@ancosan.ie
David Jordan CE Scheme d.jordan@ancosan.ie
Karen Ng CE Scheme k.fsng@ancosan.ie
Brid O Neill CE Scheme b.oneill@ancosan.ie
Bemvindo Vita CE Scheme b.vita@AnCosan.ie
Bridget Reilly CE Scheme
Emma jane Boxwell CE Scheme
Nora Reilly CE Scheme
Margaret Reilly CE Scheme
Paula Rynne CE Scheme
Agnes Smodics CE Scheme
Matthew Whelan CE Scheme m.whelan@ancosan.ie