Online Community Education

Since 2014, An Cosán have been innovators in the space of providing online community education. We work with a network of community partners throughout Ireland to ensure that everyone can access the education they need to follow the path to a brighter future.

With online learning, you can study at home or on the move, at a time and place that suits you. Tutors provide readings and online activities including essays, wikis and forums. Students have control of their own learning, and you can take part in a weekly group discussion in the live classroom.

All courses begin with a welcome day where learners and tutors come together, learn how to use the software and chat about their hopes for the course.

Weekly live discussion sessions take place in our virtual classroom, where learners can meet their tutor and each other to build on the work completed in their own time.

An Cosán is committed to demolishing the digital divide and ensuring no one is left behind.  Learners will focus on developing digital skills to enable them to use a wide range of educational technologies and online learning environments, for their own personal learning, as well as in their professional lives.

This allows everyone in our society equality of access to essential elements of the new digital environment, allowing them to engage with further educational opportunities, seek work in the digital economy, enhance their children’s learning outcomes, amongst a range additional benefits that so many take for granted.

Community Partners

We partner with community education organisations around Ireland to provide access to virtual programmes at affordable rates. Local centres provide a place where students can access the technology they need, creating peer learning communities.

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Digital Stepping Stones

Our Digital Stepping Stones (DSS) assessment tool makes it easy for people to find out what digital skills they have and where they need to upskill to fix any gaps in their personal digital divide.

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Skills to Succeed Academy

Accenture and An Cosán have come together to roll out a virtual ‘Skills to Succeed Academy’ around Ireland. The interactive online training programme, developed by Accenture, gives people the skills and confidence to choose the right career and ultimately better position them to get a job or build a business. Contact our coordinator Mark Kelly to learn more at

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