Our Early Years Education & Care Centres

Our Early Years Education & Care centres were established in 2008 in response to the critical lack of high quality early years places in Tallaght West. The initiative was born as part of An Cosán’s not-for-profit enterprise to meet this need. An Cosán has always been committed to enterprise as one of the foundations from which the organisation serves the community.

High-quality early years education for children is essential if they are to achieve their full potential in primary and secondary education and in later life. We aim to provide high quality, affordable early years education and care for the children. We train our educators in the implementation of the HighScope curriculum.

The HighScope approach we have adopted is academically proven to have significantly better outcomes for children. The fact that parents are themselves able to take up further training or employment is a positive side-effect; the real benefit lies in the intrinsic value of the early education that the children receive.

We now have six services based in Tallaght West, Cabra and Whitehall.

Manager : Ania Kubiak

Kilkiernan Road
Dublin 7
We are situated on the grounds of Cabra Community College.


   085 8531335


The service opened in August 2012 and we provide full and part time places including CCS, CETS & ECCE places
Opening hours: 08:00 to 16:00 Full time or 08:45 to 14:00 Part time.

Manager: Pamela Healy
Parent Support Coordinator: Bernie Coleman

29 Deerpark Drive
Dublin 24



The service opened in 2010 and we provide a sessional service including CCS & ECCE places We provide a Speech and Language Therapist and a Parent Support Coordinator We run a parents plus course, a workshop on oral hygiene for young children and a Parent and Toddler group every Tuesday.
Opening hours: 08:45 – 12:45

Manager: Tara Smullen
Parent Support Coordinator: Elisabet Garcia Romero

St. Anne’s National School,
Dublin 24



St Anne’s Early Years’ service opened in 2011. Its located on St Anne’s National School premises (at the back). We provide a sessional service including ECCE & CCS places.
Our team includes a Manager, 2 Early Years Educators, Speech & Language Therapist and Parent Support Coordinator.

Opening hours: 8.45-12.45

Manager: Agnes Piti

Whitehall VEC
Swords Road,
Dublin 9

Location : Behind the old Whitehall Garda Station on Griffith Avenue, which is now the City Morgue



The service opened in September 2012 and we provide a full time service and a part time morning and afternoon service including ECCE, CCS and CETS places.
Opening hours: 08:00 – 16:00

Manager: Carol Fahey-Clancy

Ratoath Road
Dublin 7
Within the grounds of the Marian Deaf Campus




The service opened in 2013 and we provide a part time service including ECCE, CCS CEC and CETS places.
Opening hours: 09:00 – 13:00

Manager: Mariana Gilca
Senior Early Years Educator: Virginia Fiorini

St Catherine’s Infant Primary School
Ratoath Road
Dublin 7



St Catherine’s Early Years is located on a ground floor of St Catherine’s Infant/Primary School. We provide a sessional service including ECCE & CCS places.
Opening hours: 8.45-12.45