Fatherhood Project

The Fatherhood, gender roles and parenting, project aims to meet the need of young fathers (18-30 years old) for training and support in their role as parents. The project builds on an innovative approach to youth training focusing on young fathers as the main target group. The main objective is to empower and train young fathers to actively engage in the parenting role. The end product of the project will be online training for young fathers open and accessible in partner languages, English, Spanish, Greek and Icelandic.

Peers or young fathers will be involved in peer training and video production, 4-6 from each partner country, as well as partners involving reference groups of 8-10 professionals and peers in each country that will actively engage in the development of project outputs. A total of 40 young fathers will be involved in the piloting of the online training, providing feedback to the finalization of the Fatherhood learning platform. Unforeseen number of fathers will follow project outcomes either individual videos or take partner in the overall training program.

The online training will include training content and videos. The Fatherhood training package will be designed using methods of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and mindfulness as well as coaching and motivational facilitation techniques, partners will produce a central curriculum including learning objectives and applied methodology that can then be transferred to other regions/countries and groups within Europe. Peer videos or interviews with 4-6 selected young fathers from each participants country in their language, interviews with 4-6 professionals in English that will be subtitles in partner languages as part of the training material. A handbook for producer will be published online in English providing information and necessary tools for preparation, directing and production of the Fatherhood videos as well as a description of the overall reviewing process and cooperation with the young fathers and professionals involved.

We and our Partners believe that the project will greatly impact all young fathers and that the material and training developed will be sustainable and practical for our target group of young fathers both within the Fatherhood training platform as well as on relevant training and communication platforms adapting and using material and methodologies designed within the project.

For more information on the Fatherhood Project contact:

Phill Hall on email p.hall@ancosan.ie or Maria Flanagan on email m.flanagan@ancosan.ie