Early Years Education & Care

An Cosán Early Years - Jobstown

Our Educational Childcare Centre offers programmes for children ranging in age from 3 months to 12 years. The centre integrates the best practice of early childhood education with high quality care provision.

We have a holistic approach, involving all areas of the child’s development, and provide a safe secure, loving environment with a home from home atmosphere where confidence, independence and self-esteem is nurtured. Each individual child is helped to reach their full potential and is encouraged and supported to develop at their own pace.

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Our Early Years Centres

Our Early Years Education & Care Centres were established in 2008 in response to the critical lack of high quality early years places in Tallaght West. The initiative was born as part of An Cosán’s not-for-profit enterprise response to meet this need.

We aim to provide high quality, affordable early years education and care for the children. We train our educators in the implementation of the HighScope curriculum.

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Lifestart is a programme for parents of children aged from birth to three years of age. Lifestart offers families a monthly child and parent development programme which is delivered to parents in their own homes by Family Visitors.

On each visit, the Family Visitor brings to the home age-appropriate information about the development of the child. The information is in the form of monthly issues of the Growing Child, which deals with the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of the child.

It contains checklists which allow parents to see how their child is developing compared to the average or typical child. The Family Visitor explains to the parents all the things they can do to encourage their child’s development and suggests activities which will help the child to develop her/his potential fully.

The Family Visitor brings books, art materials, music, nursery rhymes and educational toys from Lifestart’s library and shows parents how to make best use of them with their child. The Family Visitor will answer parents’ questions about their child’s development.

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